Direct Vision Standard Guardian DVS Safe System DVSK1

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Direct Vision Standard Guardian DVS Safe System DVSK1

The Guardian DVS (Direct Vision Standard) Safe System conveniently provides the full range of electrical and signage requirements to be compliant with the new legislation being rolled out on 26th October 2020. 12 Month Warranty.

DVSK1 Kit plus on-site fitting at our Bristol or Westbury depot - £799.95 excl VAT £959.94 inc VAT. Please contact us to book fitting appointment or for a mobile fitting quote.


SDS1 Side Detection System

12-24V side detection system which uses ultrasonic technology, is designed to prevent accidents with cyclists or pedestrians.

At traffic lights, left turns or slow moving traffic, cyclists will often to attempt to pass on the inside of the vehicle and similarity pedestrians will stand to close to the road not realising the large vehicle turning left may cut across the curb.

The DVSK1 pedestrian/cyclist detection system is an ultrasonic sensor system specifically designed to give a waning not only for the driver but also to make cyclists and pedestrians aware of a turning vehicle.

The first sensor is mounted into the nearside wheel arch section at a height no closer than 450mm from the ground.

The second sensor is mounted on the near side forward corner of the body.

The forth sensor is mounted above or just in front of the rear wheels and the third sensor is mounted between the second and forth sensor.


CAM12M Side Mounted Camera

12 volt but can be used upto 32v via the monitor. 5 meter lead included with a lens angle of 140 with night vision. CMOS module Rated OP69. H:45 x W:58 x D:73 mm


DVS MON24A 7" Monitor

DVS (Direct Vision Standard) 7" LCD Colour monitor. H:115 x W172 x 55 mm

Direct Vision Standard Safe System DVSK1


Sensors rated IP68

E mark Approved

Ultrasonic technology

Interior warning display with buzzer

Intelligent cyclist/pedestrian anti collision system

Intelligent external audible warning a;arm

System activated via indicator trigger and speed sensor signal

1x angled sensor (SEN3)

X3 under mount sensor (SEN1)

SDS1 Side Detection System

CAM12M Side Mounted Camera

MON24A 7" Monitor

SW100 Warning Alarm Override Switch

WAR1 "Blind Spot" Safety Sign

Side detection control unit includes speed module

indicator trigger to assist with noise pollution

compliant with 26th October 2020 legislation

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